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Vladimir Prelic, Group Strategic Procurement Manager, Coca Cola Hellenic, Southeast Europe

“When we worked together in Serbia Jesse was the most supportive manager I ever met. His prime goal was not only to manage us, but to guide us to reach our goals and enjoy doing it. We were empowered, coached, and mentored in a supportive way which helped us to excel and reach out full potential.   

I met Jesse early in my career, and he greatly contributed to shaping me as a professional by releasing my potential and building my communication style. I learned how to build and shape relationships and how to maintain them. I learned how authenticity and integrity are integral to success.  He shaped me as a person and professional.

As a result of Jesse’s assistance, I have shaped my management skills and became prepared for the next steps of my career. After working with Jesse I have achieved mid- and senior management roles in Coca-Cola Hellenic, both in national and multi-country environments. I have led several country teams of procurement professionals and apply the leadership styles I learned being coached by Jesse, with great success and satisfaction for my teams and myself. 

I’m grateful to Jesse for his trust and the efforts he invested in my development. They have become the essence of my success until today in one of the major multinational companies in the world. I feel I was blessed meeting him.  His help early in my career was crucial to me.” 

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