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Nenad Milic, IT Specialist/International School of Belgrade, Serbia

“I graduated from the University of Belgrade in 1999 with a BA and became a high school physical education teacher.  Due to international sanctions there were few opportunities to work in education and salaries were low.  I’ve always had an interest in computer sciences and completed several small web development projects on my own.


In 2001 I met Jesse and his family when they came to Serbia where Jesse managed a large USAID project.  From the first days working together Jesse encouraged as me as a young professional to broaden my skills in order to pursue additional professional opportunities. With his practical advice I continued formal and informal professional development in ICT.


By 2003 I had improved my skills and sought to start my career in the IT sector. Jesse helped me a lot with guidance and advice, opened doors to network with organizations expanding in IT, and I became part of a strong IT team working on USAID programs.   I gained practical experience with system administration, networks, and improved my skills in web development and design. Jesse’s encouragement and mentoring helped me change my career from high school physical education to an IT professional certified at international standards.  Jesse’s help helped me change my life. 


In 2007 I became the IT Specialist for the International School of Belgrade. From scratch I have built a web-based School Information System compatible for all International Baccalaureate schools, developed other web services to support international schools, engaged in database management and server system administration for the windows and *nix services.


Jesse’s advice and encouragement helped build my career.  I know he can help others, too.”

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