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Husna Akgun, Operations Manager in Iraq (from Ankara, Turkey)

“I worked with Jesse in Baghdad in 2013 and 2014. He was running a large US-funded government project with over 500 national and international staff.  Jesse always supported the professional development and training of his team members and cared about the people around him. He has great cultural and political knowledge of the many places where he has worked. He understands and gives value to different points of views. His team was multi-cultural and multi-lingual and all were satisfied and felt safe with his leadership and management.


I enjoyed working with him very much. As the project was close to ending he encouraged me to look for a new position. With his guidance I got another job, more responsible than my previous one. Jesse and I together worked on the questions I would probably be asked in the interview and practiced how I should present my experience and myself. After the interview we discussed how I handled myself in the interview. That was one of my most unforgettable experiences working with Jesse. He was patient, straightforward, and constructive, and taught me how to present myself confidently to others.  I continue to have that confidence today and will reach my career objectives and goals.”

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