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Hellen Ayugi, Human Resource and Finance Specialist, Uganda

"Jesse is a great mentor, always positive, calm and focused, even under the most complex of situations. At a personal level he inspired me to become the professional that he envisioned me to be and helped me overcome being shy to being more confident.  Jesse coached me on the most important facts and basics of working for international development companies and organizations, reviewed and provided critical comments/advice to my plans, resume, job research, interviews, cover letters, and taught me the importance of and how to network with and make contact with the professionals responsible for hiring.  

With Jesse’s career guidance and recommendations I improved my technical performance on the job, presented my experience, skills, and myself more effectively, and was hired for short term international consultancy contracts and long-term assignments with developments agencies. I have just completed a human resource and financial management assignment for Medcins Sans Frontieres in Liberia and am preparing for another MSF assignment soon.  Jesse’s advice and coaching opened the doors for several interviews with NGOs, companies, and international organizations.  I’m grateful for his help."

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