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Boris Petrovic, The Tesla Society, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Jesse Bunch is an amazing human being.  We worked together on local economic development strategies together with World Bank consultants in Western Serbia towards reconstruction and empowerment of communities as part of a USAID program after the conflict in ex-Yugoslavia that destroyed most of Serbia’s economy.  Jesse helped me in a crucial moment to achieve self-confidence. It was the best employment experience I have had in my own country as a young professional. His love of people and wholehearted effort towards team building and helping communities grow brought happiness and success to many in Serbia. Some of the development projects initiated through the USAID program there have become nation-wide models of success where a lot of space for personal creativity was given, even in a tough project management environment. With his strong intuition and ethics, Jesse is a great team builder, and most of the team he created remain friends and a decade later some (including myself) have used what we learned working with Jesse to build companies together.”

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